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Important News


March 06, 2016, 12:33:34 PM by HonSec | Views: 43 | Comments: 0


There is now a new Penlan RFC website which is generated via the WRU it is where you can now find the latest news, results, fixtures, tables and photographs.

Other clubs are available on their own sites just substitute the name of the other club for "penlan" in your browser thing.

January 31, 2016, 12:47:05 PM by HonSec | Views: 83 | Comments: 0


A strong on form performance by Penlan > picture from Colin Rush

In mid-October Penlan was experiencing  some temporary team shortages when they were at home to Aberavon Green Stars and paid the price with a narrow 20 – 23 loss and just one losing bonus point.  It had been the only home game that Penlan had conceded in the season and is not a very common occurrence.  On Saturday Penlan were out to redress the balance with a strong well drilled team performance.  They needed to be on their best form against a strong and able Aberavon side, who were now on their home soil.

The heavy rain during the preceding week held off for the day but had left the pitch heavy going and the wind was gusting.  Referee Mr. Colin Kirkhouse from Swansea got the game underway on time and made a fine job of managing a flowing and enjoyable game throughout.

Penlan Head Coach, Lee Banfield was not able to be present at the game but his side was to carry out their game plan to secure an impressive win.  Initial points though  went to Aberavon with a penalty kick by their full-back, Sean Curran, and for the majority of the first half the play was to and fro.  The two strong sides worked to be dominant and, although the resulting rugby was exciting, it was not until after 30 minutes that the score changed.

A long accurate kick by Penlan outside-half Steven Williams found touch near the corner flag.  His side won the resulting lineout and immediately set up a push for the line which propelled the Stars clear back over the whitewash until flanker, Ian Scrine, landed a firm try to give Penlan the 3 – 5 lead.

The lead lasted no more than 3 minutes until Sean Curran landed a second penalty for Aberavon to switch the lead in their favour by 6 – 5.

As time was running out in the first half, Penlan were mounting another strong attack and a long pass by scrum-half Bobby Scrine advanced the ball and resulted in  constant work for the line.  This led to them being awarded a penalty and saw Captain Robert Green advance the ball well into Stars territory.  A well executed Penlan maul again pushed the defence back to allow hooker Dean Davies to land a second try for Penlan near the corner.  The slim 6 – 10 lead for Penlan at half-time was important for the visitors and a good position to be in when the second half started.

Aberavon Stars were nervous but unbowed and despite Penlan advancing their lead at 3 minutes to 6 – 13 from a Penalty kick by Steven Williams, managed to keep the visitors at bay for a while.  The Penlan machine was on form though and, after a number of attacks, scored a third try at the 20 minute mark.

The Stars had fought back and by degrees had advanced the ball into Penlan territory but were dismayed as another long and accurate kick by Steven Williams switched the play deep into home territory.  The pressure was back on Aberavon and a mid-air juggle by one of their defenders was seized upon by Penlan centre, Dafydd Pritchard, who gained possession.   His timely pass to Ian Scrine allowed him to sprint clear through the remaining defence to land his second try for Penlan, which with a safe conversion by Steven Williams gave them a healthy 6 – 20 lead.

Ian sprints clear leaving the Star’s defence in dismay > picture from Colin Rush

For the rest of the game Penlan looked dominant despite Aberavon continuing to put up a strong defence.  At the 30 minute mark there was a lineout in the visitor’s 22 which saw the ball going lose until it was gathered up and advanced by Robert Green for Penlan.  The result was another determined push by the visitors which bulldozed the defence back until Ian Scrine completed his hat trick with Penlan’s fourth try.  Steven Williams made a second safe conversion, despite the strong wind, to give his side a crushing 6 – 27 lead.

Penlan Captain and flanker Robert Green had been well in the action throughout and in the final minutes of the game scored his sixth try of the season, to equal Adam Glover, as present top try scorers.  The try came from more constant well drilled Penlan play that again put the home side under unstoppable pressure until Robert powered over at the corner.  Penlan’s fifth try put the icing on their fine game performance with a 6 – 32 win to maintain them in fourth table place with 43 points, just 5 away from Ystradgynlais and Brynamman in second and third places.

Penlan Man of the Match went to Ian Scrine whose 3 tries now gives him a league total of 4 to join Antony Butt in second place.   It had been a great team effort and it was agreed that they all deserved credit.  Now on a roll, Penlan have to keep on the ball as they have two weeks rest during the start of the 6 Nations tournament until 20th. February when they meet Maesteg Celtic at home.  Their previous away game in October against Celtic had resulted in a Penlan loss of 15 – 39, a game that they should have won, despite the high score, and clearly Penlan will be out to even the balance.

Very many thanks to our resident photographers, Colin Rush (his photographs have been uploaded to our gallery) and Mike Evans.  Mike had been having some technical problems lately but these have now been resolved with Nantymoel’s game last week now added to his website and today’s being added in due course

All Division 2 West Central results are presently reported as below with the resulting league positions now as shown on our table page (subject to exact try scores being verified) –

Aberavon Green Stars 6    Penlan 32
Cwmavon 3    Neath Athletic 5
Cwmllynfell 47    Neath Athletic 5
Maesteg 8    Ystradgynlais 43
Nantymoel 10    Brynamman 33
Taibach 8    Cwmgors 17

January 24, 2016, 11:57:18 AM by HonSec | Views: 59 | Comments: 0


Penlan dominant against Nantymoel > picture from Colin Rush

In their first encounter with Nantymoel away back in early October, Penlan had temporary problems and went down by a narrow 27 – 19.  On Saturday they were back to strength, on home territory and proved to be dominant with Nantymoel not being able to make any impression.

Referee Mr. Jamie Morgan got the game underway well on time and made a fine job of managing proceedings.  The weather started off fine but conditions were still damp and muddy underfoot with a slight wind.

Nantymoel made the kick off and were under difficulty from the start as Penlan set up an immediate attack.  At just 5 minutes Penlan were pushing for the visitor’s line after winning a lineout.  They were awarded a penalty which they took quickly and led to outside-half Steven Williams storming through the defence to land near the wet and muddy corner.

Steven Williams dives through the mud to land his try > picture from Colin Rush

Nantymoel held the Penlan machine for a while but then at 15 minutes a quick kick ahead was chased by winger Dafydd Pritchard who out distanced the Nantymoel defence to land a second Penlan try in the mud again at the corner.

Dafydd Pritchard landed try number two in the mud > picture from Colin Rush

Steven Williams kicked the difficult conversion to put Penlan at 12 – 0, which is where the score stood at half time.

Early in the second half the promised rain moved in and made conditions harder for both sides.  Nantymoel held the Penlan onslaught at bay for a while but then at about 15 minutes the home, well drilled pack set up a maul for the visitor’s line and pushed them clear back to allow No. 8 Luke Brooks to safely land try number three for Penlan with a 17 – 0 score.

Some replacements came on for Penlan including prop David Dicks who was back in first team action after a too long break.  For the rest of the game Nantymoel managed to hold Penlan at bay, although the home side displayed some exciting action.  Nantymoel for their part never let their heads fall and on occasion put the Penlan defence under extreme pressure at their line.  For a while it did look as if their determination may pay off but the Penlan defence was strong and the visitors could find no way through.  At the final whistle Penlan were understandably disappointed that they had not been able to gain that fourth try for a bonus point but they had gained some revenge for their previous narrow defeat.

It had been another excellent team game by Penlan who are holding on to their creditable fourth table place which is a notable achievement in Division 2 with a number of strong teams.  Man of the Match for Penlan was awarded to No. 8 Luke Brooks who worked hard throughout and scored a try.  Luke modestly expressed surprise at the award and was quick to credit other players and their excellent team game.

Next week Penlan will be on the road to Aberavon Green Stars for what should be an interesting game.  Although the Stars are presently in ninth table place they secured a slim 20 – 23 win against Penlan at their first meeting in mid-October.  Penlan will have a point to prove and will be keen to build on their recent success and form to come away with a win on Saturday.

There was a full calendar of games played in Division 2 West Central for the first time in a long time, with results presently reported as :-

Aberavon Quinns 41    Taibach 5
Brynamman 40    Taibach 14
Cwmavon 28    Maesteg Celtic 23
Cwmgors 3    Cwmllynfell 12
Ystragynlais 38    Aberavon Green Stars 3

Thanks to Colin Rush for his pictures, some have been added to our gallery.  Mike Evans has been having some problems with his pictures recently but these are now resolved and some of his pictures he hopes to upload to his website soon

January 17, 2016, 11:02:34 AM by HonSec | Views: 107 | Comments: 0


Penlan overcome a strong Cwmavon side > picture from Colin Rush

Penlan were up against a stong Cwmavon side at home on Saturday but proved to be the stronger, well drilled team.  It took a determined team game by forwards and backs to run in four tries to earn them a bonus point and switch places with Cwmavon in fourth table place in Division 2 West Central.

Referee Mr. Elfyn Morris-Roberts from Ystradgynlais was at Penlan for the first time and made a first class job of managing an exciting game.  The rains of recent weeks had stopped but it was quite cold with soggy conditions under boot as Cwavon made the kick off.  

Initial score for 3 points went to the visitors when at 2 minutes Aaron Lewis kicked a penalty for Cwmavon.

For the next 20 minutes Penlan put Cwmavon under pressure but were kept at bay until three successive infringements resulted in the visitors being down to 12 men as Penlan repeatedly attacked their line. Cwmavon finally had a scrum on their 5 metre but it was won by Penlan who then pushed for the line until No. 8 Robert Di’Lulio safely landed the ball.  Outside-half Steven Williams safely converted to give Penlan the 7 – 3 lead.

Rob Di’Lulio landed Penlan’s first try > picture from Colin Rush

The struggle between the strong teams continued and provided spectators with an exciting rugby spectacle until at 30 minutes a strong kick ahead by Penlan led to their determined attack for the line and saw centre Daniel Hadley burst through the Cwmavon defence to land a second try for Penlan.  Steven Williams made his second safe conversion to advance Penlan to 14 – 3, which was where the score stood at half time.

All that Penlan needed to do in the second half was to maintain their strong team game and at just 5 minutes their plan provided dividends.  After an early constant maul into visitor territory gained significant ground, a long kick by Steven Williams was chased by full-back Luke Davies who sprinted clear for a third Penlan try.  Steven Williams secured his third conversion to advance Penlan to 21 – 3.

The Penlan machine was held at bay by the visitors for a time and they were down to 13 players for a time in the third quarter, but in the final stages they found their way again when, at just after 30 minutes, they secured a lineout in the Cwmavon 22.  The ball was won by second-row Kurt Velardo and Penlan set up a maul for the line.  Srcum-half Dafydd Pritchard made a timely feed pass to Matthew Alford, who had come on from the bench, and he sprinted clear up the wing to score at the corner.  He gained Penlan their four try bonus winning point and put them ahead by 26 to 8.

The score did not reflect the strong Cwmavon play which they had exhibited throughout the game and in the dying minutes they salvaged 7 points from a great try and conversion.  Jack Owen had gained possession for Cwmavon and in a determined and skilful run through the Penlan defence, was unstoppable as he weaved his way through, to land a great try which Aaron Lewis safely converted to leave the score at 26 – 10 at the final whistle.

It had been an exciting game with Penlan having to play at their best to come out on top and the return fixture on 5th. March should prove to be another good game.  The Penlan win saw them move marginally ahead on Cwmavon by four points into table position 4.  Next week Penlan will be home again to Nantymoel who are in 7th. place.  In their first meeting in early October, Nantymoel had emerged the winners by 27 to 19.  In the circumstances, another exciting game is on the cards with Penlan keen to redress the balance on home soil.

Our second team managed to play a friendly away game at Dunvant, but at short notice and with reduced numbers they suffered a heavy defeat.  Nevertheless they enjoyed the game, well some of it, with the occasion being memorable as it saw Penlan stalwart front row David Dicks first game back in harness following a far too long enforced break.  It was great to hear of his recovery and supporters look forward to seeing more of him back in action, in harness with his old “partner in crime” Mike Rush.

Thanks to our photographers Colin Hill and Mike Evans for their photographs.  Colin’s have been uploaded to our gallery and Mike’s will be up on his website in due course –

Games played in Division 2 West Central were catch-up matches with results presently reported as –
Brynamman 22    Maesteg Celtic 18
Penlan 26    Cwmavon 10
Cwgors 17    Taibach 13

Congratulations to Cwmllynfell who won 10 – 7 in their second round Swalec Plate encounter against Caerleon.  

December 20, 2015, 11:52:35 AM by HonSec | Views: 74 | Comments: 1


The Penlan away game against Neath Athletic on Saturday proved to be frustrating for the visitors, initially because the pitch was so heavy going after the recent rain which continued to fall throughout the first half.  The conditions affected the Penlan fast open game and things got worse when at the end of the first half Neath Athletic had to declare for uncontested scrums.

Referee Mr. Mark Johns got the game underway with the home side making the kick off.  It was apparent early on that the Penlan forwards had the upper hand and at just 4 minutes, Penlan put their first points on the board.  Robbie Watkins won the Penlan lineout on the home 22 with centre Stephen Davey making good ground as a result.  Captain Robert Green took the ball on until it was passed to outside-half Steven Williams as he made a powerful sprint through the defence to land an unstoppable try.

Neath Athletic recovered from the shock and managed to hold Penlan at bay for a time.  They mounted their own attack and at just after 20 minutes were putting Penlan under pressure near their line when an attempted clear out kick was charged down by Athletic and the chance taken to seize the ball and score a try.  The kick was converted to swing the lead to Neath by 7 – 5.

Penlan steadily got back in control with all the action now mostly taking part in the Neath half.  At 30 minutes they had a scrum in the Neath mid-22 and pushed the home pack straight back across their line until flanker Robert Di’Lulio grounded a second Penlan try.  Steven Williams safely converted the try to put Penlan back in front 7 – 12.

The Penlan forwards were continually pressing for the Neath line despite the bad conditions until, shortly before the half time, a Neath flanker had to retire which led to them declaring for uncontested scrums.

The rain had mostly stopped in the second half but the mud, poor light and uncontested scrums led to a frustrating 40 minutes for Penlan as their forwards dominance was mostly curtailed with both sides struggling to recognize who was who in the mud.  Although Penlan continued to look the stronger side, circumstances meant that there was no further score for them.  They were constantly looking like scoring but it was not to be and when Mr. Johns sounded the final whistle it was to the relief of all concerned.  Neath Athletic were happy to come away with a point for losing within 7 and at least both teams had complete4d another fixture despite the bad weather.

In Division 2 West Central, two games had to be postponed – Cwmlynfell v Ystradgynlais and Nantymoel v Maesteg Celtic.  Results from games that did go ahead are presently reported as –
Aberavon Quinns 30  Aberavon Green Stars 3
Cwmgors 3  Brynamman 15
Taibach 21  Cwmavon 21

Their latest win sees Penlan advance to 4th league table place with 29 points with 3 games behind schedule but, with a total of 19 fixtures behind in the programme a final pattern is yet to emerge except that Aberavon Quinns on top with 45 points look strong.

Penlan have a Christmas break until 2nd. January when they are at home to Cwmllynfell who had a storming 57 – 3 win against Penlan when they met in September when Penlan had been obliged to field a weakened side.  Penlan hope for a closer game in the new year.

September 15, 2008, 08:39:30 PM by HonSec | Views: 17708 | Comments: 0




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